Grief and sorrow do not come to us by chance, they are sent to us by the Devine Mercy for our own perfecting. While man is happy he may forget his God; but when grief comes and sorrows overwhelm him, then will he remember his Father who is in Heaven, and who is able to deliver him from his humiliations.

— 'Abdu'l-Bahá

Environmental Stewards: Champions of Justice: An Interactive Workshop.

Saturday * June 7th, 2014 * 1 pm – 4 pm

In commemoration of World Environment Day (June 5th 2014)
Environmental Workshop Flyer-2

This workshop, sponsored by the NVBC Steering Committee, will explore some of the environmental issues humanity is facing and the issues of justice that they trigger.  Integral to the workshop will be study of the Bahá’í teachings as they relate to these issues. Participants will draw inspiration from selected Bahá’í Writings and will reflect on the letter on climate change sent by the National Spiritual Assembly to the American Bahá’í community in January, 2014 — the fifth such letter in as many years. They will also discuss ways in which the community can, and increasingly is translating these teachings into action as they engage in the community-building activities of the Five Year Plan.

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2014: Community-Wide : FOOD DRIVE

April  1st  - May 2nd 2014 * Food Drive

Join us in a community wide food drive to benefit Loudoun County area food pantries. The county wide collection date is Saturday May 3rd 2014, that makes our last collection  on Friday May 2nd before 8 pm.

Recently we were able to raise 420 pounds of food in our latest drive, that is a lot of hungry people fed! See the flier for preferred food information!


Annual Food Drive: The Results

Food Drive: Began in November

‘Dear Friends,

This year our donation total to Loudoun Interfaith relief was 420 pounds! Congratulations! This is a huge improvement from last year. I’d like to thank everyone who donated and the families that came to the shelter to support it. Attached is a picture that the shelter posted on [their] Facebook [page].


Neima ‘


Farsi Basic 1 Classes

Tuesdays  • 7:00PM – 8:00PM


Did you know our Farsi Basic class has just finished the Alphabet? With some basic words included they are moving along. Speak Farsi and want to help? Discover who is in the class and strike up a conversation, in Farsi! Our students at just eager to develop their skills!